DI-tector v0.5
Defective interfering viral genomes detector for next generation sequencing data
by BEAUCLAIR Guillaume
Download DI-tector
Download DI-tectorv0.6

Parameters and Options
Upload *_count.txt file generated with DI-tector


Paste 4 columns ";" delimited values as "DI type;BP;RI;Count" :
- "DI type" as "5cb" or "3cb" for 5' or 3' snap-back/copy-back, or "insertion" or "deletion"
- "BP" and "RI" as numeric values for breacking point and reinitiation sites
- "Count" as numeric value for counted DI entities

Reference sequence:
Paste sequence or sequence length
[Optional] Add features:
Paste 3 columns ";" delimited values as "Short Name;Start;End]" :
[Optional] Zoom on area: : (Will be developped soon...)
[Optional] Scale dot plot: (Will be developped soon...)
[Optional] Scale Chord diagram: (Will be developped soon...)
[Optional] Scale lines diagram: (Will be developped soon...)
[Optional] Sequence logo: Nb. nucleotides before and after BR and RI
Other options:
Reference sequence inverted (5'>3' => 3'>5') (For 3' and 5' sb/cb in line diagram)
Plot only 5' snap-back/copy-back
Plot only 3' snap-back/copy-back
Plot only DI with deletion
Plot only DI with insertion
Plot only DI with count >
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